Calm the Cat Health & Wellness Oil

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Product Description

300mg Broad Spectrum Feline Premium Health & Wellness Oil

Breakthrough wellness oil for felines!

Gentle 300mg formulation health and wellness oil specifically made for cats


We’ve included a handy instruction card within your Calm the Cat package to help you start with dosing for your cat.

As a rule, start with a low dose (1mg per 10lb of weight or .1mg per pound) and observe how your cat responds. Then gradually increase

For general health and wellness, minor discomfort, mild anxiety, appetite promotion, and joint health for your cat we recommend a regular dose of .25mg per lb weight.

Stronger doses (.5mg per lb weight) can be used for more severe issues with intense discomfort, severe anxiety, promoting sleep, severe pain, inflammation, etc.


30 minutes prior to any event that may cause anxiety

Every 7 to 8 hours for chronic pain and inflammatory issues3) 1 to 2 times per day for general health & wellness


Calm the Cat can be used by dropping or mixing oil into the cats food bowl. You can also try administering the oil directly into your furry friend’s mouth.